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Thursday, Jan. 2

January 2, 2014

Welcome back, everyone!

Violence: Today we discussed the following items from the packet: 1, 3 and 5. Your assignment for Tuesday is to choose three more pieces and write a response to each, focusing on 1) making comparisons to works we’ve read and seen, and 2) classifying violence on the continuum. These responses are worth 10 points each, so make sure you have them ready!


Siren: Today we wrote reviews, focusing on following the four-point template we discussed last October. You turned in your assignment: your idea(s) for getting our Tumblr off the ground, and/or improving the paper generally.

If you missed the ethics quiz last month (Askew, Freuden, Hromika, Jones, Kozar), I’d like for you to be ready to take it tomorrow during Block 1 or 2. (It focuses on the “Seven Deadly Sins” from the Chapter 7 packet, plus the definition of libel.)


Film Studies:

8th Grade: Today we wrote about the worst Christmas presents we’ve ever received, and did fairy tale Madlibs. We’re going to talk more next semester about adapting fairy tales and other familiar stories. Next week: back to Cultural Literacy, and American History!

Survey: Poetry: Today we started work on our final poem — any style, any subject, but no more than 15 lines. It’s due Tuesday, and we’re going to be “workshopping” these in groups, as you did in Fiction.

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