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Tuesday, January 14

January 14, 2014

Violence: Today we reviewed pieces #2, #8, #9 and #15. If you were planning to print your responses this morning, but couldn’t, I’ll give you until tomorrow morning before class to get me a copy. (You can email them to me as well: If they’re not in tomorrow morning before class, they’re late.

For Thursday: responses for #10 (I gave out new copies of this one in class), #12 and #14.

Radio: Today your final segments were due. If you did not hand one in, you must do so ASAP.

If you wish to make revisions on your segments, and I am of the opinion that just about everyone should be thinking about taking advantage of this, you have until next Tuesday (the 21st) to do so. Your accompanying materials – logs, scripts, explanations – are also due on the 21st, at the very latest (earlier is fine/better).

Siren: Today we made assignments for the February issue. Makeup Ethics quizzes.

Remember: when you sign on for two stories, that is a commitment. If they don’t get done, it has to affect your grade.

Style: Today you handed in your Meditations and some of you shared – nice job, everyone, these were very interesting.

The final style is yours to choose: Style 1.14.14 – Final Style Assignment. To recap the basics: you pick your style. On Thursday you must bring in both a card copy of your chosen material as well as notes/analysis on it (basically, do the kind of discussion we normally would do in class, but in advance and by yourself). Be ready to share your choices on Thursday.

Film Studies: Today we finished watching Tintin. You need to write a response to the film, just like you have for all of the others, but also addressing the issue of animation – why did Spielberg choose to animate this film? Is it still “Spielbergian” in the way that we identified the other films? What’s different about this one?

Also please read the handout (an interview with Spielberg regarding the film). There might be a quiz.

We’ll talk about all of this on Thursday, and then we’ll sneak in one last film.

8th Grade: Today we reviewed “10 Things You Should Know About American History.” Quiz next week.

Then we watched the Twilight Zone episode “The Silence.” We’ll be doing some writing based on this episode next week.

Survey: Poetry: Reviewed the last test. Gave out packets of poems for each group. Your job for Thursday is to answer the following three questions about each poem in your packet. (Not your own poem, of course.)

1. What is working in this poem? Mention the things you like and why you like them. Use the terminology we’ve discussed.
2. Do you have any questions about this poem? Anything need clarification?
3. What suggestions could you make that might improve this poem? Be specific. Use terminology. For example, “I’d like to see a more vivid image in this stanza,” or “What if we got this poem from a different perspective?”

You can write your comments right on the poem if you like. We will get into groups to talk about these on Thursday.

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