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Thursday, Jan. 16

January 16, 2014

Violence: Today we reviewed pieces #10 and #12. I learned that I messed up and gave people only half of #12, for which I apologize to the author, Miss Kreitzburg. However, it was interesting to talk about a story only knowing the first half of it. (I’ll make full copies available next week for those that want them.)

Your final assignment is to choose any two pieces that we haven’t discussed yet (the list of stuff we’ve done already: #s 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15) and respond to them in the same way you’ve been doing. I also want to say that I’ve been impressed by the thoughtful responses people have turned in so far — let’s see even more of that translate into our discussion Tuesday!

Radio: Today was a work day. Remember, if you’re revising or haven’t handed in your logs/scripts/explanations, Tuesday is the day.

Siren: We talked about journalistic etiquette today. Our guest speaker was Mr. Poling, and he stuck around for some Q&A, which was very useful — these are things all reporters really need to know.

We’ll continue/conclude this discussion Tuesday, but the main order of business will be proofing the layout for January’s edition. Hopefully, be ready to assemble papers next Thursday and distribute Friday.

Style: Today your notes and materials were checked, and you shared your plans with the class. Your pieces are due on Tuesday, as usual.

Film Studies: Your response to Tintin is now due on Tuesday (first thing!). We also pushed back the discussion. There will be one more short response assigned next week, and that will be it for the class.

8th Grade: Today we reviewed “10 Things You Should Know About American History.” And we temporarily seceded from the school. Good times! Quiz next week.

Survey: Poetry:

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