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Tuesday, January 21

January 21, 2014

Violence: Today we looked at pieces #4, #6 and #14. I collected responses. Evidently a lot of people believed that these responses were optional or something. They weren’t.

If you were absent today, I will accept your responses from today (any two, your choice). Otherwise, that’s it, except for Thursday.

For our last meeting, in lieu of a final — which Keystones and snow days have made impractical — I am going to give everyone a three- or four-question “exit interview.” Yes, it will be graded. No, it isn’t something you can study for. If you’ve been paying attention, reading and contributing throughout the semester, you won’t need to do so.

Radio: Today you handed in your supplemental materials (logs, scripts, etc) and filled out an evaluation form for the group work you did before winter break (check in the box if you were absent).

Siren: We discussed five points of journalistic etiquette, continued from last Thursday:

When you’re contacting people on behalf of The Siren:

1. Have your spiel down. Quickly identify yourself, your publication and school, and explain what you want. Figure out how to do this in the minimum amount of words possible.
2. Put them at ease. They might be nervous talking to a reporter. They might have gotten burned or misquoted before. And if you’re clearly nervous, that makes other people nervous. Stay calm, polite and professional.
3. Be prepared to repeat yourself. You might have to give the same pitch to three or four people before you get the one you need. You can’t lose your patience.
4. Be prepared for an interview. If you call someone, be ready to ask them questions right then — not later. This might be your best chance.
5. Put yourself in their shoes. They’re taking time out for you, and putting their trust in you to represent them accurately. That can be nerve-wracking. Give them a break and remember how weird it would be wondering what your words will look like in print.

Deadline for February pieces is Thursday, Jan. 30.

Style: Today you read and handed in your final style piece for the semester and filled out a survey (if you were absent, please get me your pieces ASAP and check in the box for a survey).

There is no homework for Thursday, unless you are doing makeup work – Thursday is last call!

Film Studies: Today you handed in your responses to Tintin and got the final response assignment for the semester, which is due on Tuesday: Spielberg 1.21.14 Final Response. You can write your response by hand, although I would prefer it typed.

8th Grade: Quiz on American history. We played the quiet game. And we watched the Twilight Zone episode “Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?”

Survey: Poetry: Final quiz on tropes and terms. Average score: 86 percent, just good enough to have Movie Day on Thursday. Nice job, everyone.

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