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Monday, Jan. 27

January 29, 2014

Poetry Workshop: We began with a material-generating exercise in which we took a tour of the building and you looked for sensory data to record and begin transforming. For Wednesday, I gave out notecards and asked to you 1) choose one image you recorded on our tour and 2) figure out, in a line or two, how you might begin transforming it into a poem.

Fiction Workshop: Fiction 1.27.14 – Syllabus! Comment info: Fiction 1.27.14 – Comment Guidelines! Term review list: Fiction 1.2714 – Review List! Homework for Wednesday is to come in with a list of 3 – 5 things that make you say “no” when you’re reading a story. These can be story elements, punctuation or grammar issues, character issues, etc. Of course, I’m posting this ON Wednesday morning, so if you were absent on Monday and happen to read this in the next two hours… well, don’t worry about it too much, is what I’m trying to say. 🙂

Long-Form Fiction Workshop:

The Daily Prompt: Today we had a shortened class. We warmed up with an exercise where you had to begin writing a piece from the perspective of a famous person’s garment. Bring notebooks to class Wednesday.


7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting:

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