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Monday, Feb. 3

February 3, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Three material-generating exercises:

1. The People Who…

2. Incongruity

3. The Sounds of Silence

Hopefully you got something from at least one of these prompts!

Remember: your first poem is due on the blog by the start of class Wednesday. I would also like comments and annotations for these two poems: Lewis and Kraus. I have packets made up, which I will give out tomorrow — see me, if I don’t see you first.

Fiction Workshop: Today we had a nice long talk about what to do to avoid cliche – strategies, ideas, etc. Here’s a picture of the board:

Kat and Sydni are to be workshopped on Wednesday. Your online comments are due to be posted on the blog BEFORE class start. Bring in your annotations, as they will be checked. Also, if you are due on Wednesday, be sure to post your stories before class so that I can print them.

Long-Form Fiction Workshop:

The Daily Prompt: We did three of the four remaining PoPS speeches. Then we had a notebook check and readings. Some great stuff — keep it up!!

For next week, we will have four notebook entries required. One of them will be a response to this prompt, #123 from the Daily Prompt blog:

Dread: to feel extreme reluctance to meet or face. According to Merriam Webster, anyway.

Write about the concept of dread, or a time when you have experienced it and what happened after the confrontation (if there was one). Yes, you may even write about your dread of this class, if you feel the need. Perhaps it will help.

BatCat: Keep your eye out for things to add to the design boards for PIWYD & WYDBTR.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we finished watching Some Like It Hot. Your homework for today was collected, as were your notes on the film. No homework for Wednesday, but keep the movie in your minds – we’ll be talking about it then.

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