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Monday, February 10

February 10, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: Lewis and Kraus. For Wednesday: comments and annotations for the other two poems in packet #1: Cianfarano and Turner. I will have a new packet for you on Wednesday, but if you want to work ahead, it’ll be Cavender, Andrasko and Gittins for next Monday.

Short Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Sydni and Kat. Christy and Rae are going to be workshopped on Wednesday. Even though we missed a day last week, your due dates remain the same. The online comments don’t look too bad so far – but it would be good if everyone (save maybe a couple) kicked it up a bit.

Long Fiction Workshop:

Daily Prompt: Reading day. Nice work, everyone!

For next week, you may choose any of these three prompts as your required prompt. (If you want to do all three, that’s fine as well, but they need to be a page apiece.)

Valentine’s Day Tripleheader:

1. What is the best valentine you’ve ever received? When did you get it, and what made it so noteworthy? Somewhere in your response, give me the moment in which you received this valentine, please.

2. Try the above — from the perspective of the valentine in question. Did it know it was going to be so well received? Was it nervous? Did it pee itself a little? (OK, that’s gross. I’ll stop messing with your precious memories for a few minutes.)

3. Forget about valentines: remember the best valentine BOX you ever made? What made it great? Did you do it to win a prize, or just to get someone special’s attention? Both? Did it work out the way you hoped it would?

BatCat: Business. We’ll be staying after school both Wednesday and Thursday, primarily doing marbling stuff. It might get a little messy, so wear or bring clothes that you don’t care about.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: CNF: We switched things around today — screenwriting tomorrow.

I gave you an excerpt from the first chapter of Henry Louis Gates’ memoir, Colored People. Even though it’s just the first few pages, it functions effectively as a sense of place essay, describing Gates’ hometown of Piedmont, WV. He describes it with both imagery (the corpse of the old schoolhouse) and ambivalence (the understandable mixed feelings we have have about most places).

We used this excerpt to make the following point about all places, everywhere on Earth, no matter how big or small. They all have their own:

1. Characters

2. Geography

3. Language

4. History

Your job for Thursday is to make a list (on a notecard is fine) of the characters, geography, language and history of the place you have chosen. That is when your opening moment and riff (one paragraph each) about this place will be due. I will collect the lists and the paragraphs then.

I also handed out copies of the Gay Talese essay “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold,” possibly the most famous CNF essay ever. We won’t get to this for a couple of weeks, but it’s long and I wanted you to have a copy now.

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