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Wednesday, Feb. 19

February 19, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: we finished Andrasko and workshopped Gittins. You turned in comments and annotations for Dean and Olszewski. (If you were absent today, please give them to me tomorrow.)

For Monday: comments and annotations for Nova Fox and McClintock. FYI: I have pushed back the deadline for the second round to at least next Wednesday (and maybe later).

Short Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Allison and Jillian. Please pick you your hard copies of the remaining stories (Cecilia, Sydney, Kelly) before the end of the week, as we’ll be workshopping all three on Monday.

Long Fiction Workshop: 

Daily Prompt: Our prompt for today: you chose a cartoon character from your childhood, from a show that is no longer being shown in its original form. (Revamped stuff like the PowerPuff Girls is OK.) Then you chose a crime from a list we created — everything from public nudity to embezzlement to murder to jaywalking.

I asked you to tell me the story of this character, who has been charged with the crime you chose. Remember:

1. “Charged” doesn’t = guilty. (Whether they’re guilty is up to you.)

2. You can include other characters from other shows.

3. I insist that you not do the easy thing and go for cheap laughs. I want you to treat this character as if it were your own. And I want you to write this — story, poem, etc. — in a serious way. That doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. A serious piece can be very funny. But part of the humor comes in taking this seriously.

(If you make this a piece that would make someone cry, you probably did it right. Not that this is the only yardstick of success.)

Remember that for Monday, you need four pieces for notebook check:

1. The “snow days” prompt from Monday.

2. This prompt.

3. Two more of your own, either from or of your own invention.

BatCat: Bring in stuff for the boards. We’ll be staying after school tomorrow.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade: 

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we discussing your next big(ish) writing assignment. You can find the details here: Screenwriting 2.19.14 – Assignment 3 Short Silent Script.

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