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Monday, March 3

March 3, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: McClintock and McNulty. Wednesday: Fox & Fox. Your second rotation poem is due on the blog by the start of class Wednesday. Expect a packet of stuff at the start of class Wednesday, and three or four anootations/comments due next Monday.

Fiction Workshop: Today we set Round 2. Here are the due dates:

Due Monday, March 10: Rae, Alyx
Due Wednesday, March 12: Sydni, Kat
Due Monday, March 17: Sydney, Savannah
Due Wednesday, March 19: Cecilia, Kelly
Due Monday, March 24: Allison, Jillian
Due Wednesday, March 26: Christy

Long Form Fiction Workshop: Work day.

Daily Prompt: I checked notebooks. You worked on your “children’s” books or on this prompt, if you were absent last Wednesday:

#116: Think of a story/poem you wrote as a child. You don’t have to remember the whole thing, just the gist of it. (Maybe it was something from your admission portfolio? 🙂 Rewrite it now, using your superior skillz.

Reading day Wednesday.

Press: Today we went over AWP and started in on the design groups.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade: 

Survey: Screenwriting:  Today you wrote a response for Baby Jane (everyone was here, hooray!), then we talked about it. Takeaway: it’s not the greatest film ever made, but there is certainly a lot to talk about!

Next, we’re going to start on a month(ish)-long journey, starting with story development and ending with written scenes (including dialogue). Along the way we’ll be talking about things like pitching, pre-writing materials, and advanced screenplay style. It’s going to be fun.

Today we talked a little bit about brainstorming, starting with a “what if” question and answering it with as many story ideas as possible. We did an example on the board. Please note that this was a pretty silly example, and we definitely didn’t go as far as we could have.

For Wednesday, start generating your own story ideas based on the “what if” question that you were assigned. If you and your partner took individual questions, you should do this independently (not working with one another yet). If you took one to share, you should be generating the story ideas together. You’ll have some time in class to continue and share with one another on Wednesday. The end game here is to come up with as many story ideas as possible so that you have many to choose from as you move forward. 10 – 15 ideas is an absolute minimum. 20 – 30 ideas would be better. For each idea, don’t write more than a sentence – don’t get bogged down in the details yet. Quantity over quality.

Your silent screenplays are also due on Wednesday, along with the outline (which was for last Monday) and either the structure outline or storyboard sheet filled out (which should reflect your revised story, if you made any changes from the outline – most of you did). Please print ahead of time.

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