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Monday, March 10

March 10, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today we began Round Two. We workshopped Andrasko and Kraus. For Wednesday: please comment on and annotate the last two poems in the first packet (Nova Fox and Sara Lewis).

I gave out a new packet with the rest of the poems from Round Two. You won’t need it till next week, but please see me if you didn’t get a copy.

Short Fiction Workshop: Today was yet another workday. Hope you got something done. It should go without saying, but I will anyway, that there will be no mercy if you post late this round, given all of this time.

Alyx and Rae will be workshopped on Wednesday – have online comments and annotations ready. Also note that Alyx’s is the longest story we’ve seen so far (and there is NOTHING wrong with that), so make sure you give yourself ample time.

Sydni and Kat are due to post for Wednesday.

Long Fiction Workshop: We will begin the first round of workshops with Danielle, Dashia, Kat, and Victoria on Wednesday. Stories will be printed tomorrow. Please speak to Ms. Mulye or Mr. LeRoy if you need copies.  Post your comments on the workshop blog and bring your annotations to class.

Daily Prompt: Notebook check/reading day. If you were absent, please see me to get the in-class prompt. I’ll be checking your notebook Wednesday and you can make up your reading then as well.

Press: Continued to talk about design ideas. If we need anything, let me know…

7/8 Lit Arts: For Wednesday you should read the rest of Jekyll and Hyde and write comments for it (I’m looking for more than half a page.) There will be a small quiz.  For Monday I want your profile/interview piece. (750 words) Additionally, I would like to see the 20 questions you asked/researched with detailed answers.

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you took a quiz on the reading, and then we talked about Harold and Maude. Notes were taken on “subject,” as well as the difference between character driven (low concept) and plot driven (high concept) films/stories. We talked about how Harold and Maude is pretty character driven, whereas a film like Transformers falls somewhere on the other end of the spectrum. Most commercially successful films fall somewhere in the middle.

Your homework for Wednesday is to pick one of the three story ideas you talked about with your partner and develop it even further, focusing on the subject of the film: who is it about (character), and what is it about (action)? You don’t need to necessarily write things out at this point – just have the story roughly figured out.

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