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Wednesday, March 12

March 12, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Very short class today, for which I apologize. We workshopped Miss Gittins, and you turned in annotations for Lewis and Nova Fox.

For Monday: the first two annotations and comments from the second packet — S. Fox and Dean.

Short Fiction Workshop: Today was a bust, due to a lot of unusual stuff. Two new stories were handed out (Sydni & Kat) and are in the box waiting for you if you were absent. Both of these, plus Alyx and Rae, are due on Monday and we’ll get through as much as we can – hopefully all four. DO YOUR ONLINE COMMENTS. The ones that have been posted are mostly good. The problem is lack of consistency in doing them, and at this point in that game, that’s just lame. So do them. K? 🙂

Long Fiction Workshop: UPDATE FROM MR. ANDERSON –  All stories should be posted on the blog (as they should have already been up at the beginning of this week,) by Friday at the start of school. They will not be accepted after that. Mr. Leroy and Ms. Mulye can get you copies if needed on friday to do annotations. We will resume the workshop scheduled planned on Monday. (See previous post for details.)

Daily Prompt: Two required prompts for next week:

Prompt #77: Write about the longest day of your life, in any form — poetry, CNF, fiction, etc.

Prompt #135 (adapted): What is a class or subject that you believe should (or should not) be offered in high school? Your response can be in any form — besides just an essay or rant — but you MUST make your case.

These two join the Monday prompt about a famous person’s birthday party. That means you are only responsible for coming up with one prompt of your own for next week.


7/8 Lit Arts: UPDATE FROM MR. ANDERSON: Your interview/profile piece is due on Monday at the beginning of class. It should be typed, no less than 750 words, and should have your 20 research/interview questions & answers attached. Additionally if you have not turned in your response to Jekyll & Hyde, Monday is your last chance to do so.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you sold weird things, then we talked about pitching. We’ll continue to talk about it on Friday/Monday.

Homework is to continue developing your stories – fill out the 3 act structure form.

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