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Monday, March 31

March 31, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: Cavender (Round 2) and Dean (Round 3). For Wednesday: comments and annotations for the next two poems in the packet: Nova Fox and McClintock.

Short Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Allison & Jillian. Rae and Christy are for Wednesday. A few of you are falling behind a bit on your online comments – get up to date!!! And don’t forget when you are due to post!

Long Form Fiction Workshop:

1.) Today’s writing prompt (characters interacting while one attempts to keep a secret that is foreshadowed, but not revealed till the very end,) is due typed in class on Wednesday.

2.)  I still need a few more permission slips from you guys. (It’s worth a little bit of extra credit, so please turn it in.)

3.) There are three past-due assignments you should turn in if you have not.  The first is  two scenes of character interaction (two of your characters arguing or in conflict, told once from each character’s perspective – ideally around 500 words a piece.) The second is to Write a long scene/collection of scenes where in which a several of your characters are forced to interact and alter their current plans because they are waiting on a typically mundane or predictable event or situation to end (which is taking an inordinately or unusually long time.) Lastly, there is the “Good Artists Copy/Great Artists Steal,” assignment in which you should discuss two creative works similar to one of your story ideas and what elements you think are worth taking from these works to improve your own writing. I will not be accepting any of these after Monday.

4.)   The current Due Date for Round 3 Stories is Monday April 7th so plan accordingly. This submission may once again be a continuation or new story.

Daily Prompt: Notebook check/reading. Then we divided into four “Senate committees,” each of which considered the proposed laws you guys wrote about this week. Each committee chose two bills to report out for a full vote in the Senate on Wednesday. Remember: you have to get them signed by the president: Bill Barkley, a former Republican governor of Texas. Good luck with that!


7/8 Lit Arts: Your profile piece is way overdue. I will not accept it after Monday. You need to turn in your 20 research/interview questions with answers, as well as an article/essay of 750 words in length on the person. Please get this done. A lot of your grades are seriously suffering because of this.

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we went over a few things, focusing on what a scene is and how to format dialogue.

There is a writing assignment for Wednesday: Screenwriting 3.31.14 – Assignment Single Scene.

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