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Wednesday, April 2

April 2, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: McClintock and Nova Fox. For Monday: comments and annotations for McNulty and Turner.

Short Fiction Workshop: Workshopped Rae and Christy. Jillian & Alyx for Monday. Please keep up to date with the online comments.

Long Form Fiction Workshop:

Daily Prompt: The Bizarro Senate convened and passed one bill out of committee. We’ll do it again Friday and see what other bills emerge (and which ones pass through a potential presidential veto).

Press: Took a little break-ish type day. Calm before the storm.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you read many of your scenes that were due today aloud – nice job, everyone! Fun stuff.

The next assignment is this: Screenwriting 4.2.14 – Group Project Treatment. You’ll have Friday to work on this in class, and maybe a little time on Monday also. Just one treatment per group, please, so work together, and remember that although you shouldn’t scrap your idea, you are allowed to add to it, change things, etc. Let me know if you have any questions.

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