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Friday, April 4

April 4, 2014

Pulp: Made plans for the release party. Good work, everyone. Next week we’re planning to visit the design Lab to see some spreads. Get that fundraising $$$ in!

Reading for Writers: Today you did a character analysis sheet for Part 1 of Passing. Guess who didn’t read? Seems like most of you. Not good, folks! 😦 Here’s the sheet, in case you were absent: Reading for Writers 4.4.14 – Response 4

Read Part 2 (Re-Encounter) for next Friday. It’s a little shorter than Part 1. There will officially be a did-you-read-it quiz. Remember, VERY few grades in this class. A little bit of I-didn’t-read goes a long way.

Daily Prompt: The Senate, Part II. We heard, and passed, four bills: an anti-discrimination/public execution carnival bill; a legalization-of-all-drugs-for-adults bill; a legalization of gay marriage bill; and a bill that would force welfare/food stamp recipients who haven’t found work after five years to work at the execution carnival. On Monday, President Barkley will approve or veto these bills.

We pushed the notebook check/reading day to next Wednesday. Your first required prompt for next week will be this amended version of prompt #104:

Who is your most hated literary character, and why? (“Literary character” can mean a character from books, films, TV, comics, anime, manga, games…whatever. Remember: the “why” is most important, with examples.)

BatCat: Getting a little closer. Alyx – create the Wii thing. Rae (and everyone, really) – be on the lookout for a cheap/broken Wii remote. Everyone – think a little more about all three of the titles. If anything hits you, come in with it on Monday.

8th Grade: Poetry I: we each wrote a rhyme royal about a literary character we hate. We’ll read these next week.

Survey: CNF/Screenwriting: Today was a workday. Remember that your treatments are due on Wednesday, and you may have a smidge of time on Monday to meet with your partner (but please note that Monday will not be a workday).

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