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Monday, April 14

April 14, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: Turner, Cianfarano and Olszewski. We have done all the annotations and comments for Round Three. Here’s the plan:

Wednesday, April 16: Lewis and Cavender (and/or Andrasko)

Wednesday, April 23: Whatever remains from Round Three/begin Round Four.

All Round Four poems are due on the blog by the start of class Wednesday. Anyone who turns in their poem on Monday will receive 5 points extra credit. I hope to have Round Four packets to everyone Tuesday morning, and will assign, hopefully, at least one Round Four poem, maybe two, for Wednesday’s class.

We’re going to go pretty quickly through Round Four, because I want to get one more round in before revisions. That’s ambitious, but not impossible. Let’s try it.

Short Fiction Workshop: Workshopped Sydni and Cecilia. Kozar for Wednesday. If you did not hand your story in for this round, please do so ASAP.

Long Form Fiction Workshop: We will finish our Round 3 workshop on Wend. Please make sure you have your comments done. Read the first 55 pages of “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby and post comments to our blog (where I have posted.)

Daily Prompt: Notebook check/reading. Then we worked on a required prompt, which everyone turned in at the end of class:

Prompt #29 (adapted): Create your own conspiracy theory (one-page minimum; any style). It MUST:

a. Explain something. (Like, for example, the continuing popularity of _______________; the death(s) of ________________; the hidden relationship between _____________________ and ______________________. These are three possible suggestions; it doesn’t have to include all of these, or even any of these. It just has to explain something.)

b. Give the history of this conspiracy. When/how did it start? Why has it continued?

****I collected everyone’s notebook at the end of class. I will give them back next Wednesday at the start of class, and you will receive 15 points if your notebook doesn’t look ridiculous — that is to say, if you’re actually doing the work. I may have comments for you about some of your entries, or I may not. Don’t read anything into that either way.

If you did not have your notebook today, it is YOUR JOB to get it to me before you leave for break. No notebook = 0 points, which is something a few of you can ill afford at this point.


7/8 Lit Arts: 

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we did a dialogue/conversation activity. If you were here, make sure that you write a quick character sketch for each character that was developed over the course of the conversation you created. We’ll be sharing these when we return from spring break.

The only official homework is read another screenplay of your choice. Make sure it’s a feature (not tv, short, etc). You will have to write a bit about it when you return, so make sure you do read one!

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