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Monday, April 28

April 28, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: we began Round IV. McNulty, Lewis and Turner. I gave out new packets. For Wednesday: comments and annotations for Andrasko (the last poem in packet #1), plus Olszewski and Cianfarano (the first two poems from the packet I gave you today).

Short Fiction Workshop: Workshopped Cecilia. No new story for Wednesday. It will be workday. COME PREPARED.

Long Form Fiction Workshop:   If you have not turned in your round 4 (revision) piece, please do so. Wend we will workshop Victoria, Rosemary, & Autumn.  Post your comments to the blog and bring your annotations to class.   Additionally you should read up to page 165 and post your comments to the section on the blog.

Daily Prompt: Notebook check/reading. Then we did today’s activity: you wrote a prompt. Then you gave it to a partner. You worked on this prompt in class. You will do 1) your partner’s prompt and 2) your prompt. That’ll take care of two required prompts for next week. (If you were absent, we’ll assign you a partner Wednesday.)

Press: Gettin’ stuff done. Finally.

7/8 Lit Arts:  Please turn in any poetry assignments you have not turned yet.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you tried to write dialogue for the characters you created for your long-term development project. Screenwriting 4.29.14 – In-Class Project Dialogue.

For Wednesday: the next time you’re in a public place, listen to how people talk. Write down snippets of conversation. Yes, it’s technically eavesdropping, so make sure to use your best judgement (don’t write down/continue to listen to something very personal or sensitive, of course). Bring your snippets to class (we’ll be sharing/talking about them).

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