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Friday, May 2

May 5, 2014

Pulp: Proofin’. All day. Nice job, everyone!

Reading for Writers: Today you got a creative response for Passing, which is due next Friday. You can find the assignment sheet here: Reading for Writers 5.9.14 – Response 5, Passing Creative.

I’ll also be checking in with you at some point during the week to see if/how we can procure your final book. You should have it by next Friday.

Daily Prompt: For Monday’s notebook check, you have two required prompts: the partner prompts from Monday. If you were absent and didn’t get a partner, then just do two of your own.

Today I gave you two other possibilities: You could make a list of “100 Reasons…” on any topic, or you could do a prompt based on the game from Wednesday. We brainstormed some list ideas:

100 reasons to not get out of bed.

100 things you don’t know about mermaids.

100 reasons why everyone should hate cats.

100 reasons why you should invest.

100 reasons why you should follow James Franco on Instagram.

100 reasons why I love you. (Whoever “you” is.)

100 reasons not to write a book.

100 reasons why you should let me touch your butt. (Hat tip: Tina Belcher.)

100 reasons why grass is amazing.

100 reasons to hate someone. (Not just anyone…)

100 reasons to love me. (Whoever “me” is.)

100 reasons to date a black girl.

100 reasons you should eat Subway.

100 reasons you shouldn’t stay up for four days straight.

Remember: you don’t have to make a list of 100. Maybe it’s 10, or 20, or 50. Or 86. But if you actually write 100, I’ll award five bonus points.

Bottom line: for Monday, you may have all four prompts from class. Or possibly, because of absence, none of them. We’ll see you and your notebooks Monday, whichever it is.


8th Grade: Rhyme royals about literary characters you hate. Plus: the return of You Oughtta Know That!! — Parenthesis/parentheses and ellipsis/ellipses.

Survey:CNF: Schedules/portfolio Q&A. All portfolios from first-year Literary Arts students are due Monday, May 19.

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