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Wednesday, May 14

May 15, 2014

Poetry Workshop: Today: finished Cianfarano, then Turner and Lewis. For Monday: I gave out new packets. Please do comments and annotations for the first two poems — Dean and Cavender.

Short Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Sydney, Allison, & Christy. Alyx, Kat, and Savannah are all on deck for Monday. Almost done with the round. Make sure you’re doing your comments, please.

Also, regarding the revision round: for seniors, it’s optional. For everyone else, it’s required. Revisions are due Monday, June 2. We won’t be workshopping them in class (obviously, since there won’t be time) but I’ll be grading them and giving you feedback (though you might not get it till summer). Looking for SERIOUS revisions – you can make big changes/additions/subtractions. Do it right.

Long Form Fiction Workshop:

Daily Prompt: Worked on our Young Adult prompt.

Press: Work.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today you took a pop exam (that’s like a pop quiz, but bigger. Much bigger). As we discussed in class, this will not hurt your grade, it can only help, and I just want to see how much you’ve actually retained.

The final assignment, which is due Monday, June 2, is this: Screenwriting 5.14.14 – Final Screenwriting Assignment. Should be pretty straightforward. THIS is the true test of what you’ve learned this semester, so please do take it seriously.

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