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Thursday, May 22

May 22, 2014

WWTWWT: I had to visit Neel Elementary. You did the following:

1. Read the chapter on Karl Marx in your textbook — if you didn’t already.

2. Read a handout I gave you about wealth and poverty. (Download it here.) Then you answered, in class, the following prompt (minimum one page):

If we could re-allocate private property to solve the problem of poverty, should we do so? Why or why not?

3. Read a handout I gave you called “Unspeakable Ethics, Unnatural Law,” a 1979 essay by Arthur Leff. (Download it here.)

Here is our plan for the remainder of the year, in an effort to accommodate the crowded schedule. (LAVA, prom, senior trip, testing, LI, etc., etc., etc.)

1. On Tuesday, May 26, we are going to review for the final. It will take all block; I will give you a review guide, and we will cover all the material that might show up on the final. I strongly recommend that you be there.

2. On Thursday, May 28, we will have class as scheduled. For most people, this will be a chance for extra review — not a repeat of Tuesday, but maybe a chance to review the material in a different form, like playing a review game, perhaps.

3. Seniors (and those people who will be absent the final week or school) will have the opportunity to take the final at any point next week, following our Tuesday review. You name the day.

4. Everyone else will take the final as scheduled on Tuesday, June 3.

Adaptation: Today we had presentations from Kat and Rosemary. Nice job, both of you. Dashia and Rae will go on Tuesday.

Siren: Final exam. If you were absent, you will make it up on Tuesday.

Film Studies: Work day. If you didn’t hand in your Tintin response today, you have an automatic extension till Tuesday.

Bookbinding: Continued to work. Please remember that the due date for your final project is Tuesday, June 3. You certainly may hand it in earlier if you wish! Thanks to those of you who have already done so.

8th Grade: Watched the Twilight Zone episode “The Whole Truth.” Made propaganda ads in the second half of the block.

Survey: CNF: Final exam. Schaller revisions due Tuesday. Hybrid essays due June 2.

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