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Tuesday, May 27

May 27, 2014

WWTWWT: Reviewed for final. When we were done, I asked everyone something they were still unsure about. I’ll go over those things with you on Thursday.

Remember: seniors have the option to take the final any day this week. Everyone else takes it on June 3.

Adaptation: Today we had our last two presentations from Rae and Dashia – and that basically concludes our time together this semester. Thanks, all, for doing such excellent work. We had some interesting conversations and generally the presentations were very well done. Thanks for a great class!

Siren: Work day.

Film Studies: Work day! If you have not handed in your Tintin response, you will want to do that.

Bookbinding: Work day! Your final projects are due one week from today.

8th Grade: Fan letters.

Survey: CNF: You turned in your Schaller revisions. I gave back the “What If?” essays. Went over the LAVA schedule. Portfolios due Friday. Hybrid essays due Monday. Portfolio reviews next week. That is all.

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