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Thursday, August 21

August 21, 2014

CNF Workshop: We had workshops today instead of the regularly-scheduled Block 1 classes (Argument and New Media) so that we could get things rolling ASAP.

We signed everyone up for WordPress (check your email to accept the invite, if this is your first time). Our course blog is Bookmark it.

Reviewed the syllabus, which you can download here. Please note the changes to the comments policy.

The first rotation essays are due on the blog by 8:45 a.m. next Wednesday, the 27th. We will brainstorm some essay ideas on Monday — so come ready to write — but you should already be thinking about what essay you will use for Round 1.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we went over the syllabus. The homework for this weekend is to find a clip from a film that you particularly like (it can be for any reason – visuals, story, dialogue, or just for no particular reason). It can either be on YouTube (bring in a link) or on DVD (bring in the DVD!). We’ll be watching these in class on Monday, so make sure they are school appropriate. 🙂

We will set the first rotation on Monday, so over the weekend it would be wise to go through your old screenplays and find one for the first round (which is “anything goes”), or at least start thinking of ideas. 

The Siren: Had a good discussion about the following items of recent news interest:

We had the first of what will be many talks about journalistic ethics, what is and isn’t newsworthy, and the role of reporters. (As well as what happens when the reporters become part of the story they’re covering.)

We didn’t spend much time on the syllabus — download it here — but will do so on Tuesday.

In The Style Of: Today we went over the syllabus and started right in with our first style, which is nursery rhymes by way of Old Mother Hubbard. In class, you read a selection of nursery rhymes with annotations, and then we discussed the style. Here is a picture of the board: 

photo (2)

For Tuesday, write your own nursery rhyme(s) (write one on the longer side, or several on the shorter). Please type your piece(s) – though it isn’t a requirement for this week, it will be in subsequent weeks, so please plan accordingly. You will have the opportunity to share at the beginning of class.

Let me know if you have any questions!

8th Grade:

Survey Poetry: Passed out textbooks and poetry packets. Reviewed the syllabus (download it here). Played a true-or-false game.

Next Tuesday we’ll be watching a film called “Where Poems Come From.” There will be a homework assignment based on your response to this documentary.

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