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Tuesday, August 26

August 26, 2014

Argument: First meeting. We went over the syllabus, then I gave you a handout about the minimum requirements for an argument, and we discussed how those work. We didn’t get through the whole thing; bring back the handouts Thursday and we’ll finish.

New Media: Today we went over the syllabus: New Media 8.18.14 – Syllabus 2014. We then started talking about the word “media” – what it means, refers to, how it’s used in different ways. We even looked up the dictionary definition (thanks, Sara).

On the board we started a free-thought style list of things that this conversation made us think about:

photo (3)

You finished up the block by writing a bit about describing our current media landscape (whatever that phrase means to you currently). These were handed in at the end of the block.

Your homework for Thursday is to read: New Media 8.26.14 – 8 Traits of New Media Landscape. We will be talking about some of these ideas in class, and as we discussed, it is very important that everyone do the reading so that we may have a productive, interesting conversation. Thanks in advance!

The Siren: Brainstorming in both groups. Lots of fantastic ideas in each. Thank you to everyone who contributed; I’m very excited to get this version of the paper up and running!

The rumor is that the whole staff is going to accept an ice bucket challenge Thursday at the end of Block 4. More details in the morning!

Style: Today we started out by sharing your Mother Goose-inspired nursery rhymes. Thanks to everyone that read – it was a nice way to start off the semester. I then collected your rhymes.

Your style for this week is John Steinbeck. If you were absent, there is a photocopy waiting for your in the box on the corner of my desk – please pick it up ASAP, or you can just read a bit of Steinbeck on your own (the packet includes The Chrysanthemums, plus the first couple chapters of The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and Of Mice and Men).

Notes on Steinbeck are due at the beginning of class on Thursday. I’ll be looking for at least 5 points of discussion – 5 things that you observe about the work as being important to the overall style. For each point, write at least a sentence or two explaining your observation and your thoughts. You can do bullet points, or write a paragraph/paper style page of notes. It’s up to you. On the board, we generated a list of things to look out for:

photo (4)

Note that this list definitely isn’t complete – there are all sorts of other things that you might notice. Also, you don’t need to take notes on all of this, of course, but for most weeks, there should be something to say about almost all of these things, so it’s a good place to start if you feel stuck.

8th Grade: 

Survey: Poetry: Today there was a fire drill. Then we read aloud poems that you liked from Chapter 2 of the textbook, explaining what it was about each poem that got your attention.

On Thursday we’re going to watch the documentary Where Poems Come From. You DO NOT need your textbooks Thursday. You DO need something to write with and on; I’ll want you to take notes, and there will be a written response due next Tuesday.

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