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Monday, September 8

September 8, 2014

CNF Workshop: Today: Holley, Shaffer and Johnson. For Wedenesday: comments and annotations for Bullock and McNulty.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Danielle B. and Rosemary. In general, I think everyone did a nice job – your online comments are largely well-written and the conversations we had seemed to be productive. Please keep up the good work, and remember to keep you comments, both written and verbal, balanced – observe what works and note what doesn’t.

On Wednesday we’re workshopping Danielle T. and Jonnah McClintock. Please have your comments and annotations ready to go.

Action Hero: Finished Cloudy. You turned in your hero’s journey notes.

BatCat: Workin’. Thanks to Sarah for bringing in the WG stickers. Remember, if you have any stuff at home that might work for bookmaking – scrapbooking materials, cool magazines, books to cannibalize – please bring it in! It’s always more fun when there’s more to choose from.

8th Grade: Took a quiz on Chapters 1-2 on Neverwhere. Discussed how to introduce a character, and you began creating a character of your own. For next Monday: please read chapters 3, 4 and 5 of Neverwhere.

Survey: Fiction: Today you took a quick “prove to me that you were paying attention” quiz: Fiction 9.8.14 – Connotation Quiz, then you took notes on persona and we talked about how you used persona when writing your homework assignments for today (which were collected at the beginning of the block).

The second half of the block we started a new writing assignment. You got a slip of paper with a stereotype on it, and your job over the next week or so will be to turn this stereotype into a living, breathing (sort of) character. You started off in your notebooks with the name, age, occupation, location, and general looks of this character. Your homework for Friday is to continue developing the character by answering a series of questions using this character as a persona. Answer the questions as though you are this character, and make decisions about the character along the way: Fiction 9.8.14 – Prompt 4. Due at the beginning of the class on Friday.

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