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Tuesday, September 9

September 9, 2014

Argument: Today we talked about careless claims — claims expressed in sloppy language that will have less of a chance of success. We compared them to the Zimmerman/Martin case: prosecutors in that case made a sloppy claim (a murder charge) that they couldn’t hope to prove. Had they been more precise (a manslaughter charge), George Zimmerman would probably be in jail now. What you claim matters.

For example: You claim, “Pizza Hut pizza is inedible.”

I know what you mean — that it doesn’t taste good. But you’ve made a factual claim that is demonstrably untrue. A good opponent will score points by making you defend this claim, which is indefensible. Try to be more specific.

We worked through your Twitter claims. No homework for Thursday, but you can expect an in-class activity tailored to how well you seem to be grasping these concepts so far.

New Media: Today was a work day – you worked in your groups, talking about the 7 questions and starting to frame up your new educational systems. Things were going ok! New groups, though, due to absences:

Brenna, Sarah O., Sydney, Rhyan

Rosemary, Autumn, Jenna, Sara L.

Jonnah, Laura, Payton, Andi

Thursday will also be a work day, in the same style as this – I expect that it will take you most if not all of the block to really pin down the way your new system (or updated system) will work and why. Keep thinking about it, and I’ll keep lobbing questions at you.

Siren: Talked about who’s who in the newsroom, and how the average newsroom flow chart works (the handout on pages 22-24).

So far we’ve also talked about:

The seven things that make a story interesting to readers

The parts of a front page, and of a story

At some point soon (next week) you can expect a quiz.

Style: Today you shared and then handed in your pieces inspired by Dale Carnegie’s HtWFaIP. Nice job – much of what was read aloud was really impressive!

The style for this week is Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters – poetry. An excerpt was handed out in class, and the whole anthology can be found here, should you be interested:

Your notes are due on Thursday, as always. Make sure to be analytical as you write your notes – making simple observations is ground-floor notetaking. I’d love to see everyone here not only make observations but also make some kind of statement or analysis of what you observe. For example, a simple observation would be “The writer uses many long, sophisticated words.” A much better note would be “The writer uses many longer, sophisticated words, such as ‘unscrupulous’ and ‘microcosm.’ The result is that the voice sounds well-educated and a little bit pretentious, and perhaps a little old fashioned.”

8th Grade:

Survey: Poetry: Today we reviewed the material we’ve covered so far that I would like you to know for a quiz Thursday. (If you were absent Tuesday, you can make this quiz up on Friday.) That list of stuff includes:

Five essential elements of poetry/five poetry “don’ts”/image/abstraction/tenor/vehicle/figurative language/simile/metaphor/symbol (public and private)/hyperbole/synecdoche/pun/image cluster/mixed metaphor

Then we had the Haiku Rodeo 2014. Winners announced Thursday!

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