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Thursday, September 11

September 11, 2014

Argument: Today we did an in-class activity trying to identify types of claims. Everyone did very well (over 75 percent correct), so I think we’re ready for a quiz Tuesday. Study the handout I gave you about claims and look at today’s exercise for more pointers.

We also read an essay called “Giving People a Second Chance,” by Ernest Martinez. You guys did a good job of identifying the primary claim: “Mexican-American businesspeople should consider hiring Hispanic ex-convicts.” It’s a very specific policy claim, targeted to a specific audience. Hang onto this handout because there’s more we’ll do with it next week.

New Media: Today you continued the assignment from Tuesday. We will be discussing your plan on Tuesday, as well as the research project (which you handed in your notes for today). If you did not hand in the research today, make sure I get it ASAP! Like I said at the beginning of the semester, there won’t be an enormous number of points for this class, and this was your first assignment… not really getting off on the right foot. Something is better than nothing, and late is better than never.

Siren: Talked about layout. Looks like we have a winner for the new format. And we started writing an editorial that has a lot of overlap with what we’re doing in Argument.

Style: Today we went over Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology. Here’s the board:

photo (9)

For Tuesday, you should write a series of at least 3 poems using some of the qualities we discussed today.

8th Grade:

Survey: Poetry: Quiz on Chapters 1-4. Then we did a super-quick review of some stuff from Chapter 5:

Non-rhyming sound devices: alliteration, onomatopoeia, assonance and consonance.

Types of rhyme: true rhyme, slant rhyme and eye rhyme.

Read Chapter 5 (it’s short) over the weekend and familiarize yourself with these terms — many of them should be familiar to you!

Tomorrow we’ll announce the Haiku Rodeo winners, too.

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