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Friday, September 12

September 12, 2014

Songwriting: Today you turned in your second set of potential lyrics. Then we heard your notes on the dozen tracks Mr. Cameron posted at our Soundcloud page.

We also watched this video as a reminder that we have the ability to rearrange these songs in virtually any style:

Next week we will not be meting because Mr. Cameron won’t be here. For two weeks from today, I want you to bring in a title (one only, please) for each of the tracks. I also want to to choose your favorite track (and indicate it with an asterisk or some other mark).

Critical Reading:¬†Today you handed in your homework from last week (analysis of 4 articles) – if you did not hand this in, you’re going to want to do so ASAP. Today in class we started talking about the reading from Saussure, breaking it up into 4 sections to discuss in groups and then all together. We didn’t get all the way through it, but we will finish up the discussion, especially part 4, next Friday.

The homework for next Friday is to bring in 3 print ads from magazines or newspapers (full-page magazine ads are usually the best, but you can find other kinds of print material as well). We will be using these in class next week, and you will get points for bringing them in, so don’t forget.

Also, the reading for two weeks from today was handed out – it’s an excerpt from Foucault – so that you can start on it early if you wish to do so. It’s pretty much unrelated to the Saussure, so don’t be thrown off by that. It’s an entirely different thing.

Action Hero: Talked in some detail about the first 10 minutes of Night at the Museum, and how there’s barely anything wasted in that span. Every scene, every line and every action tells us something we need to know about our protagonist (for those of you who’ve taken SpongeBob, Larry is the perfect example of an Eternal Child), his Ordinary World, and his Call to Adventure.

Then we watched more of the film, getting nearly to the one-hour mark. If you’re scoring on your own (and you should be), we’re about halfway through the journey at this point — at stage #6.

We’ll finish the movie Monday, and I will give you the remainder of the time (there probably won’t be a lot) to work on your response, in which I am asking you to compare Larry (and his hero’s journey) to Flint Lockwood. This comparison can take many forms: you can obviously talk about their characters, but also about similarities to/differences in the different stages of their journeys. These responses can be hand-or type-written, and will be due Wednesday.


8th Grade: Politics and war games.

Survey: Fiction:

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