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Monday, Sept. 15

September 15, 2014

CNF Workshop: Today: Fox, Kremm, Olszewski. For Wednesday: comments and annotations for Thellman, Swogger and Campbell.

Remember: Round Two essays are due on the blog next Monday, Sept. 22, by the beginning of class. See me if you’re having trouble posting.

Nice job again, everyone: good, thoughtful comments and very productive discussions. Keep it up!

Screenwriting Workshop: Workshopped Haley and Johnna. Christy and Jenna for Wednesday.

Action Hero: Finished Night at the Museum. For Wednesday: your responses comparing the hero’s journeys of Larry Daley and Flint Lockwood are due. Handwritten is OK; one-page minimum please. Be ready to discuss & defend.

I also would like for you to turn in your hero’s journey worksheets for Night at the Museum, along with your responses.

If you did not get to see the entire movie, I will make a copy available to you. It is your job to see me about getting this copy!

BatCat: The usual.  

8th Grade: Took a quiz on Chapters 3-4-5 of Neverwhere. Some quiz guidelines:

* If you did not take the first quiz, I will exempt you from that quiz.

* If you did not take the Chapters 3-5 quiz today, you will make it up at the start of class on Wednesday, with Mr. Anderson. Those people are: Acosta, Forrester, Goins, Holten, Kennedy and Williams.

* I will drop the lower of your first two test grades. If you get an exemption on the first quiz, that counts as the lowest grade.

* EVERYONE will be caught up on the reading (through Chapter 8) by next Monday.

Discussed what makes a mentor, and brainstormed some examples. You finished creating a character of your own, and tried to answer the question: “If my character had a mentor, what would that mentor be like?”

For next Monday: please read chapters 6, 7 and 8 of Neverwhere.

Middle School 3rd Block: Watched this video:

and then we made some laws! We’ll hear the results of the vote Friday (and see whose laws get vetoed).

Survey: Fiction: Today we did an in-class activity – you got an abstract drawing and are developing a voice based upon. Your homework for Friday is to write something (a monologue, an excerpt, journal entry, flash fiction – pretty much anything) using this voice. We’ll be sharing in class. This is an open-ended, flexible assignment and you have a lot of choice. Focus foremost on capturing the voice.

And remember to read The Yellow Wallpaper for Wednesday.

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