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Wednesday, September 17

September 17, 2014

CNF Workshop: Today: Pierri and Campbell. For Monday: comments and annotations for the final two essays: Paul and Doban (which I still have to give you copies of).

Also Monday: second-round essays are due on the blog by the beginning of class.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Christy and Jenna. Both Arianas will go on Monday. Please remember that you need to have your comments and especially your screenplays posted by 8am at the latest. Thanks!

Action Hero: Today you turned in your Cloudy/Night responses. We tried to clarify some of the point on the hero’s journey continuum:

* What’s the difference between point #7 (Approaching the Inmost Cave) and #8 (The Inmost Cave itself)?

Think of it this way: there’s almost always some warning before the heroes enter the cave.

Flint Lockwood creates a spaghetti tornado. He knows he’s going to have to face it. He chickens out and hides in a dumpster. But we all know he’s gonna have to enter that cave eventually. (And he does when he gets his coat.)

So point #7 is when he creates the mess and tries futilely to hide from it; point #8 is when he finally owns up to the mess and confronts it.

(As Miss Peterson said, and I think it’s a very apt description: Point #7 is when “it’s getting good, drama- and conflict-wise.” Point #8 is when it’s good!)

* We also talked about the fact that the 12-point journey is far from set in stone. For example, Flint Lockwood can’t move on to Step #8 until he gets his Reward (or Sword) in step #9. That’s his coat. He can’t face the spaghetti tornado without it. So the sequence in this film goes:

Point #7, then Point #9, then Point #8

* Finally, we discussed Point #10: The Road Back. Where is the point at which the Road turns into the Resurrection, Point #11? That can be hard to gauge. In Cloudy it’s kind of easy: Flint IS resurrected, brought back by the ratbirds. (That was intentional on the part of the filmmakers, BTW.) In Night, it’s not so clear — the two events can happens almost simultaneously. And “death” and “resurrection” are terms not to be taken literally.

BatCat: The usual. Still waiting to hear back about things… remember to bring in materials if you can. Old children’s books, coffee table books, scrapbooking materials, maps, wallpaper, etc. The more the better!

8th Grade:

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