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Thursday, September 18

September 18, 2014


New Media: Today we talked about your ideas regarding revamping education… it was interesting to hear your ideas.

From here on out, this class will be alternating between two tracks: the intellectual track, in which we’ll continue to read articles and discuss ideas regarding media, with some small writing assignments here and there, and the project track, in which you will be working on a semester-long (and maybe beyond) project. We just started talking about what this will entail today, which brings us to your homework for next Thursday: New Media 9.18.14 – Assignment #3, blog pitch. Let me know if you have any questions.

Remember that we will not have class on Tuesday because Jim Daniels will be here. Assignment #3 is due at the beginning of class on Thursday (typed) and, of course, you’ll be sharing your ideas in class, out loud. So be ready.


Style: Today we talked about Munroe’s What If? essays. Here’s the board:

photo (10)

In class, you got to pick your question from a stack of questions from a variety of classes. In grading this style, I’ll be looking more at the form than the voice, so feel free to take some liberties and make this your own (but don’t abandon the big structural ideas).

8th Grade:

Survey: Poetry: 

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