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Friday, September 19

September 22, 2014

Songwriting: No class today: pulp. meeting.

Critical Reading: Today we finished up talking about Saussure and we went on to define a few more terms, all in the interest of interpretation. Here are the guided notes: Critical Reading 9.19.14 – GN Day 5

The homework for next Friday is to 1) read the packet from Foucault (handed out last week) and 2) complete this ad analysis: Critical Reading 10.4.13 – Print Ad Analysis Worksheet. If you have questions, see me asap.

Action Hero: Not a full class today, though we did have a pretty good discussion about something we’ll be considering in more detail next week: what makes an action hero and action hero, and how has the tone of action movies changed over the past, say, 50 years? We’ll apply this to Star Wars, beginning Monday.

BatCat: More of the usual. Still waiting to hear back from the events!

8th Grade: Mock presidential election, complete with the option to not vote! Winner by one vote: the write-in candidate, Mr. DeFade.

Survey: Fiction: Today you handed in your homework (which was to write something using the voice of the abstract drawing) then some of you shared and we tried to match the voices up with the drawings. This was good stuff, guys – but remember, when we’re talking about the voice, we’re not talking about what happens in the story but rather focusing on who is telling the story and how.

We went on to talk about narrators, specifically those in first person and then talked about point of view. Your homework for Monday is to do a point of view analysis for each of the four stories that you’ve read so far for this class. Here’s the sheet: Fiction 9.19.14 – Point of View Analysis Sheet. You should complete this sheet four times, once for each story. Due at the beginning of the class on Monday. Also, notes will be collected on Monday. Make sure you have them all and make sure they are organized. Remember, no textbook means that your notes are the only thing you will have to rely on when studying for the midterm and the final. It’s important.

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