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Friday, Sept. 26

September 26, 2014

Songwriting: Today we heard some more favorite songs. Then we heard your lists of titles for the baker’s dozen tracks. We chose four tracks — #s 1, 4, 7 and 10 — and came up with a short list of prospective titles for each:

#1: Murder in Memphis

You’re Not Cool, You’re a Tool

Who Are You Anymore?

#4: To London and Back

Not Your Friend, Never Was

#7: Chocolate Lollipop Fight Club

Bubblegum Girl

Rainbow Sparkle Unicorn Miracles

#10: Does Your Mother Know What You Do?

Your job is to choose one track and one of the prospective titles, and try to write a set of lyrics to accompany that title. You can work with a partner if you like. (Only groups of two, please.)

When we say “lyrics,” that doesn’t mean you have to try to fit them exactly to the song. We don’t even have melodies yet. (Although if you have some ideas about where something should go, or arrangement suggestions, jot them down.) These are due at the beginning of class next Friday.

Critical Reading: For next week: re-read the Foucault. Read it, then read it again. Look it up and read it again! Really, just do your best, but remember that the only way to get better at this kind of thing is to be exposed to it time and again.

Today you handed in your ad analysis sheets and you got your article analysis back, and we talked about it. In general: do more.

Action Hero: In-class essay about Star Wars. You will need to make this up Monday if you were absent.

BatCat: The usual. Conference website:

8th Grade: Know Your Government quiz. Then we had a spelling bee, made up partly of the words you suggested. There’ll be a quiz Monday on 10 of them. Here’s the list:


















Survey: Fiction: Today you filled out a POV analysis sheet for A Rose for Emily in class, after we talked briefly about how you need to make sure that you aren’t confusing or equating the narrator’s voice with the voice of the main character (unless, of course, you’re working with something that’s written in 1st person with a central narrator).

In class you were given back work from the last couple of weeks, including the notecard upon which you wrote a short scene in 3rd person, objective. You will need this card for your next homework assignment and will need to hand it in again with it (prompt 6), so do not lose this card.

Your homework for next Friday is this: Fiction 9.26.14 – Prompt 6. For Monday, you must write at least 2 of your variations so that they may be checked in class.

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