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Friday, October 3

October 3, 2014

Songwriting: Mr. Cameron was not with us, so we partnered up to work on lyrics to three of the tracks. It seemed to me that we got a good amount done, so nice work, everyone.

Critical Reading: Today we finally talked about Foucault… and we ran out of time! Not surprising. We’ll continue to talk and reference it next week, and even then don’t forget about it, since it will be discussed again in a different context.

Homework for next week: research Jeremy Bentham and his panopticon. Either write down notes or print out what you find (and make sure that you read it, of course). This will be “graded” – you will get points for bringing something in, and not doing so will hurt your grade. So don’t forget. 🙂

Action Hero: We began watching RED today — specifically, the first 15 minutes.

We’re watching this film as a transition from Star Wars, and its more serious universe (and classic hero’s journey, which is to say, a coming-of-age story), to a movie with a different sort of action hero. Frank Moses is much different from the other protagonists we’ve seen so far; we’ll see why that is over the next week or so.

(RED is not going to go down as one of the all-time greatest films — I don’t make that claim for it. But as an action film, it’s pretty state-of-the-art.)

We talked about what we learned from the first 15 minutes of the film, and how pretty much all our questions were answered — except, of course, for the one we’re not supposed to know yet: why are people trying to kill Frank Moses? That’s pretty lean and efficient filmmaking. A minimum of verbal exposition (did you notice we found out he lived in Cleveland from the trash cans?) and reliance on letting details build character (the avacado, Sara’s postcards, the snowman) make it a very effective opening. More next week.

BatCat: Same old!

8th Grade: Problem-solving: what to do about mid-day hunger at school. We proposed solutions, formed groups and voted on a final proposal — which was to legalize eating in class.

Survey: Fiction: Today we talked about the distance worksheet from Monday – nice job, everyone. We then went on to talk about how to write a point of view analysis in paragraph form. Here are the examples: Survey Fiction 9.25.13 – Point of view examples. Then you wrote one for a piece of flash fiction in class, which was handed in at the end of the block.

There is no homework for Monday. Study for Poetry. Read Paul’s Case for Wednesday.

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