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Tuesday, October 28

October 28, 2014

Argument: Today we began a section on pseudoproofs and logical fallacies. I gave you a handout that lists a dozen of the most common examples, and we read in class the argument “Hold Your Horsepower,” which is based largely around a post hoc pseudoproof: that is, a faulty cause-effect assumption.

The handout contains a sheet of twelve sample pseudoproofs, which I would like you to identify. This will be due at the end of the block on Thursday. There may also be a second set of pseudoproofs, which would be for extra credit and would be due at the end of the block Thursday, as well.

Please be sure you have read Common Sense by Nov. 6. We may have to push that back until Nov. 13 (there’s no school on the 11th), but for now, plan on having read it by then.

New Media: Today we had a little bit of a step back and we essentially had a work day. Some of you revised one another’s blog posts – it seemed like this was a worthwhile thing.

On Thursday, we’ll go through the process of posting to your blogs (PAYTON – PERMISSION SLIP!!! :)), so please have your posts revised in time for this. Also, you should revise your About pages at this time.

If you didn’t get your posts in on time today, make sure they are up on The Battleship ASAP so I can look over them.

Siren: No class as such because of practice for the reading. However, plans were made for the November edition — copy is due in a couple of weeks — and the bake sale tomorrow night.

Style: Today you read your With Deer pieces aloud. It was… dark, to say the least.

The style for this week is Truman Capote – his fiction only, though. You’ve read Miriam before, but read it over again, looking for style cues. Also in the packet is the first 25 pages of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Notes are due on Thursday, as always. Copies are available in the box on the corner of my desk – please make sure to stop by today or tomorrow to pick one up.

8th Grade:

Survey: Poetry:

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