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Thursday, October 30

October 30, 2014

Argument: If you didn’t go on the field trip, you:

1. Turned in your pseudoproof homework.

2. Responded in-class to a short essay, trying to identify pseudoproofs.

3. Did some pseudoproof extra credit, if you chose to do so (and had time).

The only fair way to do this, so that people who were on the field trip don’t get extra time to complete #2 and #3, is to have them do this in class on Tuesday. That’s what those folks will do, while everyone else reviews the homework, essay and extra credit.

New Media: Today you were to complete the things on this list: New Media 10.30.14 – First Posts to Blog. Please make sure that all of this happens ASAP. I’ll be checking your blogs for a grade sometime early next week.

Siren: No class, as such, because of the field trip. Hopefully everyone is working on November story ideas; I believe that copy is due on Nov. 11.

Style: Today we talked about Truman Capote’s fiction. The board is here:


For next Tuesday, please write a piece of fiction, no shorter than 1 page.

ALSO: The style that will be assigned on Tuesday is stand up comedy. More details on this to come, but prepare yourselves. Since there is no school on Tuesday, Nov. 11, you will “hand in” your stand up by performing it on Thursday, Nov. 13. You don’t have to take any action on this now – I just wanted to give you a few extra days to prepare, if you should want to.

8th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today we reviewed for the midterm, which is taking place on Monday. Study over the weekend, folks!

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