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Friday, December 5

December 8, 2014

Songwriting: Worked more on “The Ballad of…” I need your final versions of your partner songs next week.

Critical Reading: Today we discussed different movements in literary theory (and other areas as well). Here’s a sheet and summarizes what we talked about and adds a bit more: Critical Reading 12.5.13 – Definitions Theories.

This is an optional assignment, due next week. Good for everyone, but a particularly good opportunity for those of you with less than stellar grades: Critical Reading 12.5.14 – The Life You Save Paper #2. Here’s the story again if you need it: Critical Reading 12.5.14 – The Life You Save Story Only.

Please read over Derrida again for next week – then I will be checking annotations, you’ll take the usual quiz, and we’ll discuss his work specifically.

Action Hero: Finished Goldfinger.


8th Grade: Our final class. Geopolitical crisis averted with only one nuclear accident!
If you still need to take the last spelling quiz, you can do that Monday.

Survey: Fiction: Today you did peer reviews in class. If you did not have your assignment, you spent the class writing something, which you had to hand in at the end of the block. If you did not hand in the assignment and still wish to do so (what you did in class will only cover a fraction of this assignment, but it is admittedly better than nothing), please get it to me ASAP – Monday, preferably.

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