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Wednesday, Dec. 17

December 18, 2014

CNF Workshop: Today: Swogger, Fox

Monday, Dec. 23: Bullock, Paul, Holley. Comments and annotations due for Paul.

I announced that since I have not been keeping up as well as I should have with getting essays back to you, I will give everyone two free passes on comments and annotations. Cash value: up to 30 points.

Also: Revisions are due on the blog by the beginning of class next Monday.

Screenwriting Workshop: Today we workshopped Haley, Jonnah, and Brenna. Danielle B’s new screenplay was handed out. She and Jenna (whose screenplay you’ve already received) are both due for Monday. Grades will be updated soon, so please make sure that you have your online comments and annotations up to date!!

Action Hero: Continued watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. No one lost an eye.

If you missed any of the film, please bring in a flash drive so I can give you a copy to watch.

BatCat: Don’t forget: Friday is our relaxed gift-exchange day. Bring food if you want.

7/8 Lit Arts:

8th Grade:

Survey: Fiction: Today you had private meetings with Mr. Anderson. In the big group, you brought in your folders full of work and did the following:

1. Titled everything (even if it’s untitled, you titled it “untitled #1,” “untitled #2,” etc.)

2. You made a list of all of your titles.

3. You went through each pieces and determined whether it was “finished/close to completion” or “work in progress.”

4. You ranked all of your pieces (not paying attention to genre, treating both poetry and fiction as one big group) from strongest to weakest, also disregarding whether they were finished or not (so your strongest piece might be somthing that still needs a lot of work, or vice versa).

All of this labeling and ranking was for YOU. You took a step back and looked at what you have, what you need to do, and how you feel about your pieces. If you want to keep this folder here at school, you can put it into the top drawer of the file cabinet near the Smartboard.

After all of this, we went over submission guidelines. The sheet I gave to you can be found here: Fiction 12.17.14 – Survey Submission Guidelines & Tips.

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