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Tuesday, Jan. 6

January 6, 2015

NOTE TO EVERYONE WITH BLOCK ONE CLASSES IN ROOM 321 (yes, that one, the big room, the headquarters, the sanctum sanctorum) ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY:

Room 321 is being used for Keystone testing Wednesday and Thursday. Therefore, we will meet in the dining hall at 8:45 Wednesday and Thursday for announcements, the Pledge, etc. before deciding how (or if) we’re going to split up. There will be a sign on the door here to remind everyone, and we’ll probably come to AH before everyone’s dismissed to save you a trip here and back. But if you read this blog and can tell a friend this evening, that would be a nice thing to do.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply if you’re taking Keystones tomorrow and Thursday. In that case, you report directly to your testing room @ 8:45.

Argument: Day One of final presentations, which stretched into Block Two. Excellent work today; the best day of counter-responses I can remember.

Here’s the remaining schedule, with a couple of minor changes made because of Keystones:

Thursday, Jan. 8: No presentations scheduled, because of Keystone testing.

Tuesday, Jan. 13:







Thursday, Jan. 15:







(And anyone we’ve missed)

New Media: Today you checked in on your blog stats and gave me a little update. Thursday’s class will basically be a study hall (I would expect you to work on your blogs, especially if you haven’t been hitting the “two posts per week” requirement – now would be a good time to make up some of that ground). We will be over in Alumni Hall somewhere because of Keystones, so make sure to bring whatever it is that you need to make your time worthwhile (such as something to work on :)).

Siren: Those people not in Argument worked on their own today.

Style: No class today! All of this will be due/happening on Thursday: You will have an opportunity to read your “This I Believe Essay.” Your essays will be collected (please try to print ahead of time, as we may end up in Alumni Hall. You have been warned). Your notes on your individual style will be collected as well. Here’s the info sheet for this final style, in case you need it again: Style 12.22.14 – Final Style Assignment.

7th Grade:

Survey: Poetry: Review game for the final, which will be next Thursday (the 15th).

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