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Tuesday, January 13

January 13, 2015

Argument: Final presentations: Doban, Turner, Patterson, Thellman, Bain. Everyone else goes on Thursday.

New Media: Today you wrote a response to the net neutrality articles (New Media 1.13.15 – Net Neutrality Response – if you were absent, please do this response and hand it in on Thursday. Hard copies are in the box on my desk as well), then we had a discussion that involved chickens, cars, and… well… the internet.

No homework for Thursday UNLESS you were not in class today; if that’s the case, you need to do the response so that I can give you points before the end of the semester!

Siren: Final exam Thursday. It will have:

10 pts on parts of a front page/story

10 pts on types of leads

10 pts on AP Style

10 pts on what we discussed today: libel, copyright and invasion of privacy

10 pts on a news brief you will create from info I supply you.

Style: Today you shared and handed in your This I Believe essays. Then I checked your final style notes (style of your choice). Your final style pieces are due on Thursday and there will be one last reading at that time.

7th Grade:

Survey: Poetry: Exam review: Chapters 1-5. I gave everyone all the required handouts — study up for Thursday!

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