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Wednesday, January 21

January 21, 2015

Poetry Workshop: Today we brainstormed ideas for three poems. Your assignment is to bring back your cards next Monday. (See me if you were absent.)

Fiction Workshop: Today we went over the syllabus (Fiction 1.21.15 – Syllabus) and a packet of short stories were handed out – please read these for Monday.

We also set due dates for the first round. Here they are:

Due Wednesday, January 28: Abigail, Ariana

Due Monday, February 2: Sarah, Sara

Due Wednesday, February 4: Autumn, Olivia

Due Monday, February 9: Jonnah, Rosemary

Due Wednesday, February 11: Laura, Rhyan

Due Monday, February 16: Mallory, Haley

Due Wednesday, February 18: Payton, Jenna

You should have an invitation to the blog in your email; please let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Act One: Today I gave you the syllabus and the Standard American Format style guide, which will be your de facto textbook for this course. We read the play “No Skronking,” which has the three essential elements of any one-act play:

1. A dramatic question (which is answered by the end of the play)

2. Conflict

3. A physical/visual element. Often a visual element is closely tied to the conflict — for example, the “No Skronking” sign.

I’m looking to see some plays created that are stageworthy — let’s get started!

BatCat: We will be discussing Batch 3 on Friday and will also be compiling a finalist list. Please be ready.

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Reading:

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