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Friday, January 23

January 23, 2015

Pulp: Work. Shooting for annotations next week for accepted pieces, and letters to be put together two weeks from now.

Project: Today we went around and everyone shared their project ideas. Nice job!

For next week, **revise and expand your proposals.** Make sure that you fully address all of the questions on the list (from the assignment sheet). You can make lists, include a calendar, use bullet points – format the proposal in any way that you wish, but make sure you be specific and thorough. Also refine your project idea – you got some feedback today from the class, so think about some of the issues raised and use this information to your advantage.

If, in the meantime, you have questions or want to talk about your ideas, please come see me and we’ll set up a time.

Revised proposals will be collected next week, and will be graded accordingly.

Act One: Reviewed some terminology today:

Stage directions: Stage right and left, House right and left, upstage and downstage

Three types of stages: proscenium arch, thrust stage, theater in the round

Three types of sets: bare, realistic, symbolic

The six types of art theater is, and the reasons for each: dramatic, visual, auditory, physically-produced, continuous, spectator

Know this stuff; see me if you were absent or get the notes from a chum.

BatCat: Today we talked about Batch 3. I’ve shared a new folder on Google Driver with you, labeled “1.23.15 Semi Finalists.” Most of you also got paper copies of the shorter of these files – please be sure to go into the folder on Drive to read the longer ones. There will be a small-ish Batch 4 as well – but by the end of next week, we should have this narrowed down to one or two titles that we’ll publish.

SO – if you want to have a meaningful say in what we pick, make sure that you are very familiar with these manuscripts and have your opinions in order. Remember, think about what’s right for BatCat!

7th Grade: Debated your laws. It was just like Congress! Final vote Monday…then we’ll see which ones I veto 🙂

Survey: Screenwriting: It’s not class, it’s an illusion!

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