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Thursday, January 22

January 23, 2015

Spongebob: Today we did a dream journal exercise in class, and talked about the results (which focused on recurring dreams). I gave you a handout about Carl Jung and we talked about his theory of the collective unconscious — and how his idea of dreams was different than Freud’s. Then we watched the SpongeBob episode “Dying For Pie,” and the first ten minutes of Mrs. Doubtfire. Hopefully you see something similar in each; we’ll talk about what next Tuesday.

Hitchcock: Today I handed out two reading assignments (one is a interview about Shadow of a Doubt from “Hitchcock/Truffaut”, the other is the first few pages from Robin Wood’s introduction), the first film response sheet (Hitchcock 1.23 – Response 1, Shadow of a Doubt).

We began watching Shadow of a Doubt (we got about 45 minutes in) and will finish it on Tuesday. If you were absent today, it is 100% your responsibility to either find the film online or to see me during the school day to make up the screening.

Both handouts should be read by next Thursday, but you should note that the written response will be on Robin Wood’s Introduction. The response is also due next Thursday.

Siren: Worked on January edition.

Prompt: Today we did an in-class prompt: Fortunately/Unfortunately. If you were in class and participated, you can count this as an entry (just make sure that it’s labeled and dated properly). Your first four entries are due on Tuesday, and we will have our first class reading. Think about what you’re going to read ahead of time!

Bookbinding: You took your textblocks home to sew. Good luck! Let me know if you need help. If you get messed up, don’t worry – just stop and bring it in on Tuesday (or sooner) and we’ll get it worked out.

7th Grade:

Survey: CNF: Added the first moment to our “moment files,” which I kept. Then we talked about moments — and what makes them so important to CNF — and the importance of omission and addition.

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