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Wednesday, January 28

January 28, 2015

Poetry Workshop: Two more prompts: a persona prompt ft. Sir John Betjeman, and a “burning question” prompt that featured…some burning (or at least slightly singed) questions. You then ranked all five prompts. Save this stuff. Even if you think it sucks now, you might need it. If not for this workshop, then for something.

Everyone should be signed up for the blog. Check your email for invites and let me know tomorrow if there’s a problem. Everyone’s first poem should be posted by Friday morning at the start of class.

Fiction Workshop: Today we went over comment guidelines (Fiction 1.28.15 – Comment Guidelines / Fiction 1.28.15 – Sample Comment) and we discussed the packet of stories that were assigned last week. Thank you for participating in the conversation. Next time, though, please make sure that all of your attention and energy is directed to the discussion… thanks in advance.

There are two stories for Monday: Ariana and Abigail. Annotations will be checked at the beginning of class and all online comments must be posted to the blog by the time class begins (8:45 ish).

Act One: We ran through a short one-act (a scene, really) about Joe and JoJo. Then we did an improv exercise. The goal was to remind you of this:

1. You HAVE to know what it is your characters want. If you can’t answer that question, you’re in trouble.

2. The play we did today was crude, but it did feature a dramatic question, which was answered; conflict (which came from both characters’ conflicting wants); and a visual element, which happened to represent that conflict (the bill). This is stuff you need in any play you write.

You turned in your eavesdropping homework. No assignment for Friday because we’re going to rehearse for the reading in the Cafe.

BatCat: We talked about the finalists. We’ll continue the discussion. Please look over the “Stern” manuscript (Luz) – it’s in the folder shared on Google drive. Keep thinking!

7/8 Lit Arts:

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we started talking about screenwriting – we did an in-class activity. There is no homework for Friday, however, if you would like to get a head start on the homework for Monday, this is it: pick one of the screenplays linked below to read in full. They are all quite long, but screenplay is a fast read, so don’t be afraid. It would make the most sense to pick a film that you have already seen, although that’s not a requirement.

Screenwriting – Casablanca

Screenwriting – E.T.

Screenwriting – Hook

Screenwriting – Strangers on a Train

Screenwriting – The Boxtrolls

Screenwriting – The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Screenwriting – The Fault In Our Stars

Screenwriting – The Incredibles

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