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Thursday, February 5

February 5, 2015

Spongebob: Today we watched “Something Smells,” in an effort to show how SpongeBob and Patrick’s characters have to be different from one another when they are onscreen by themselves. In this episode, it seems to me, we get a contrast between SpongeBob’s Divine Child and Patrick’s Fool (whether he’s a Village Idiot or a Know-it-All is debatable).

Contrast this with “Club SpongeBob” (or several other episodes I can think of, like “Jellyfishing” or “Idiot Box” or “Snowball Effect”), where the presence of Squidward allows SpongeBob and Patrick to be very similar. Remember: they HAVE to be different, or you’re going to lose interest.

Hitchcock: Today we started watching Notorious. Here’s the response paper assignment: Hitchcock 2.5 – Film Response 2, Notorious. You also received the relevant excerpt from the Truffaut interview.

If you are feeling ambitious (or just sincerely want to do this the right way), Notorious is available on YouTube: Since the response paper should be about visual technique, it would make sense to watch this more than once (especially the second half). It’s not required, but recommended.

We’ll finish watching this on Tuesday & the response is due on Thursday.

Siren: Things are moving right along for the February issue, which looks great so far!

Daily Prompt: Today we made a collaborative “choose your own adventure” story. It’s all typed up – copies of it will be distributed on Tuesday. If you wish to count this for an entry (and you were here and actively participating), please put a label for it in your notebook and write a sentence or two about what you contributed.

Bookbinding: End pages. Almost done!

7th Grade:

Survey: CNF: Today we built “moment trees” — collections of related moments — based on your response to one of two moments:

1. A moment where you confronted your greatest fear.

2. A moment when you learned that adults can’t always be trusted.

I kept these moment trees and will return them to you Tuesday, when we’ll begin working on your first essay.

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