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Friday, February 6

February 6, 2015

Pulp: Got letters ready. It’s likely they won’t go out till Tuesday or Wednesday, but remember that all revisions are due in by the 18th. That makes the 20th a very important day for us: it’s when we’ll have to make the final call on what goes in. Of course, it’s possible we’ll have some revisions to work through next week as well, so we’ll get as much done as we can.

Project: Today was your first official workday. You got your time logs. Now it’s all in your hands!

Act One: We saw three scenes today. (Unfortunately, I can’t upload them to the blog, but if you want to see them, just ask.)

OK, they were pretty silly, but they all achieved the main goal: answering dramatic questions through visual conflict.

That done, on to the next project: everyone needs to complete their own scene, based on Wednesday’s prompts. You should have started this Wednesday; if your scene was chosen to go today, you’ll just have to write a new version.

These will be due next Friday. Please make sure they’re typewritten. Please try to get them into Standard American Format. it’s really not very difficult.

BatCat: Started sending declines, counted books, started thinking about AWP materials.

7th Grade: Our last meeting! We wrote about superstitions and voted for the one you thought was silliest (black cats). Then we watched the Twilight Zone episode “Living Doll” because I didn’t want you guys to leave without seeing that one! 🙂

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we went over a lot of stuff! Here’s a picture of the board; all of this should go into your notes:


We read an excerpt from Some Like It Hot and you filled out a response sheet (Screenwriting 2.6.15 – Some Like It Hot response). We discussed your thoughts on questions #3 in class, which segued into our discussion of 3-act structure.

Your homework for Monday is here: Screenwriting 2.6.15 – Assignment 2, Plot Points

Here are the screenplay options again:

Screenwriting – The Fault In Our Stars

Screenwriting – The Incredibles

Screenwriting – The Lion King

Screenwriting – The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Screenwriting – The Boxtrolls

Screenwriting – Strangers on a Train

Screenwriting – E.T. Screenwriting – Casablanca

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