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Tuesday, February 24

February 24, 2015

Spongebob: Today we watched the first 10 minutes or so of the very first episode (besides the pilot) of The Andy Griffith Show.

Sheriff Andy Taylor is, like Marge Simpson, an example of our sixth archetype: the Pleaser. This is a character who regularly gives up their own wants and needs to make others happy. They’re usually dependable, caring and — yechhh — even nurturing figures.

Unsurprisingly, because these are qualities we associate with motherhood, many literary moms are Pleasers. Specifically, they — like Andy Taylor and Marge Simpson — are Protectors, one of the two sub-archetypes in this category. “Protector” we mean here in the maternal sense, not the sword-and-sorcery variety. (That’s something else.) They are the glue that holds their families together. Even sometimes atypical moms like Linda Belcher and Lois Griffin are in this category.

The other sub-archetype is also a character who defers to the needs and wishes of another. This is the Best Friend, otherwise known as the sidekick, a staple of all sorts of literature. It’s the author as much as anything who can make a Best Friend: the creator has usually decided that this character’s wants and needs aren’t as important as the protagonist’s. (Or the antagonist’s: villains can have Best Friends too.)

Homework for Thursday: give me three Best Friends (in written form) from TV, film or books.

Hitchcock: Today you took a little quiz – if you were not in class, please see me to make this up (yes, it is being counted as a grade).

I handed out the next film viewing and response assignment: Hitchcock 2.24 – Film Response 3, The Lodger. To recap what we talked about in class: we will NOT be watching this film during class time, so you are expected to watch it as homework. You can borrow the class DVD, but the better option is to watch this restored copy on YouTube:

You can watch it with the sound on or off; just remember that the soundtrack is not original, and try not to let it influence your interpretation of the film. If you start watching this and find yourself confused, stop for a moment and look up a synopsis – this will help immensely. You also received the Truffaut interview for this film – read it before Tuesday.

This paper is due next Thursday, regardless of what delays/cancellations/absences might occur. This coming Thursday, we’ll be talking more about German Expressionism.

Siren: Tyson Chicken Party.

Daily Prompt: Today notebooks were checked and we had a class reading. Nice job! We’ll be doing some kind of activity on Thursday, and four new entries are due next Tuesday.


7th Grade:

Survey: CNF: Today we did the redo of that quiz from last week. Everyone will get the higher grade of the two.

Then I gave you the correct version of that excerpt from Colored People. We used it to show that every place on Earth has its own:

1. Characters

2. Geography

3. Language

4. History (both its actual history, and your personal history with it)

For Thursday, I want you to think about the place you wrote on your card last week, the one you came up with five good things about, and five bad things as well. Who are the characters in this place? (You and who else?) What is its geography?(Including, how do you get there?) What is its language — the things said there, and the terms used there, that aren’t used anywhere else? (Like nicknames that are only used at your house, for example, or terminology that is only used at the library or a videodame store.) And finally, what is the actual history of this place? How long has it existed? (You don’t have to have the exact year, necessarily.) And how long have you been going there (and how has it changed, if at all, during that time).

This doesn’t have to be lengthy — a couple of sentences per answer will be fine. Have this ready to turn in Thursday.

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