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Thursday, March 5

March 5, 2015

Note to Fiction Workshop: Obviously we have to adjust due to yesterday’s cancellation. Your due dates remain the same, but workshop dates will be pushed back one day (so we’ll do Laura, Olivia, and Sara on Monday). We’ll still be doing three stories a day, but one advantage to this is that you’ll be able to get ahead quite easily if you decide to do so. Bottom line: due dates are the same. Workshop dates will be pushed back accordingly.

Spongebob: Quiz. If you missed it, you will make it up Tuesday.

Here is the homework for Tuesday.

Hitchcock: Paper on The Lodger were collected, then we continued watching Dial M for Murder. There is no homework for Tuesday other than to catch up on Dial M… if you missed the beginning.

Siren: Talked about format changes & Kennywood.

Daily Prompt: Today we did “conversation starters.” You may count this as a prompt. If you were absent, please replace this one with a prompt of your choice.

7th Grade: 

Bookbinding: Finished! Good job, all.

Survey: CNF: I collected the sense of place essays. We briefly discussed the four ways you can collect information for a biographical sketch: 1. Research, research, reasearch. 2. Interview the subject 3. Interview people who know the subject 4. Observe the subject. Remember: quiz on “Frank Sinatra Has A Cold” on Tuesday.

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