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Friday, March 6

March 6, 2015

Pulp: Saw some great spreads from the Media Department, and heard an update on our Facebook project.

Project: Work day. If you didn’t give me a notecard update today, I’ll ask for it next week. Let me know if you need anything…

Act One: A little background on Chekhov, via this short from the National Theatre and this bio from a 1912 edition of his plays. (If you want more and have a KIndle or Kindle-compatible device, here’s a free edition of some of his greatest short stories. “The Lady With The Dog” is an amazing piece, and there are lots more where that came from.)

A big part of Chekhov’s work — and the work of most Russian writers of this era — concerns the way the 1861 freeing of the serfs changed Russian society. Chekhov’s work often looks at this from the perspective of how the social order was changed by this event. Even in his comedies — like “The Proposal” — disputes are tinged with more serious concerns, as people tried to maintain failing estates and saw their old way of life crumbling.

I collected the homework for today — your character-driven play synopsis — and gave you a new assignment. You are to choose one of the following four scenarios:

1. A character has just had a disagreement with someone close to them.

2. A character is trying to talk themselves into — or out of — an important decision that must be made today.

3. A character is trying to decide whether to share an important piece of information with someone close to them, who will be arriving at any minute.

4. A character is already late for an important function that they do not want to attend.

and then write a soliloquy based on this scenario.

Set it up this way: Use SAF, list the characters and the setting, and include stage directions with your soliloquy. (Remember, your character will be moving around and doing stuff, most likely.) With any luck, this will become the beginning (or at least an important part of) a new one-act.

These will be due next Wednesday. If you did not take the quiz last Friday, you will do so Monday at the beginning of Family Values. And if you were absent today and did not turn in your homework, please give that to Mr. Cageao (or me) on Monday as well.

P.S. If you need to watch any of the Chekhov stuff we missed, it is all here.

BatCat: Last official mock-ups-only day. Next week we’ll start working on promo stuff for AWP also.

7th Grade: Talked about the old, old idea of talking to the dead, the theme of Monday’s Twilight Zone episode. Had you write two more “in medias res” scary story starters, then we voted for our favorites. Prizes Monday!

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we started watching Tootsie. The plan for next week is as follows:

Monday: We’ll watch about 30 more minutes of Tootsie and then I will meet with the rest of you regarding your outlines.

Wednesday: We’ll finish watching Tootsie and will take the quiz (which will be on the 3-act structure of the film as well as everything else we’ve covered so far this semester, so studying a bit is a good idea!).

Your short screenplay due date is Monday, March 16. Please DO NOT start writing this yet; wait till we meet on Monday!

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