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Monday, March 9

March 10, 2015

Poetry Workshop: Today: McCormick (Round 1) and Bain (Round 2). Due Wednesday: comments and annotations for Shaffer and Kreitzburg.

Fiction Workshop: Today we workshopped Sara, Laura, and Olivia. Please have Sarah O., Autumn, and Mallory ready for Wednesday!

BatCat: The usual.

Family Values: 

7/8 Lit Arts: Final quiz on Catcher: I asked you what you thought happened to Holden after the book concludes. A variety of answers; some optimistic and many less so. Holden really isn’t a guy who inspires a lot of confidence, for obvious reasons, I suppose. For next week, bring back your copy of the book. Here are the details of your final project, due next week: Your final project for this unit is to create a piece of flash fiction – that is, a very short piece of fiction – based on a character who has an experience that shows him/her that the world is not as they had imagined. You already started this, in a sense, when we filled out cards about personal experiences that showed us the world is different from the way we thought. However, this assignment is fiction, so I’m not asking for an autobiographical essay. In fact, I don’t want one. Even if you base this piece on your own experience, you have the freedom to transform the experience however you wish. Use the flash fiction examples I gave you – “Sleeping” and “The Great Open-Mouth Anti-Sadness” – as examples of how to do this. Working in such a short form means you’re going to have to give up things like detailed character descriptions and character development. This is a snapshot, not a collection of photographs. But even a snapshot can tell us a lot, if it’s done the right way. One more thing: This is not an essay “based on” Catcher in the Rye. I hope, however, that it reflects your reading and thinking about the book. Here are the requirements:

  1. This piece must be a maximum of 300 words. Am I going to count? No. But I know the difference between 300 words, 350 words and 600 or 700 words.
  1. It must be typewritten.
  1. It must also be printed out before class begins.
  1. I will not accept any emailed stories. I will also not look at stories on your phone, tablet, etc., for what I hope are obvious reasons.
  1. This piece is worth 25 points, and is due at the beginning of class on Monday, March 16. You can turn your copy of Catcher in then.

7th Grade: Spelling bee! Quiz on Friday.

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we finished watching Tootsie. There will be a quiz on Wednesday.

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