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Friday, March 13

March 13, 2015

Pulp: Portfolio reviews, Part I: Seniors. Same thing next Friday.


Act One: Today we did a “silent scene” exercise in which two partners acted out a scene silently, and we tried to guess from their actions, appearance, etc. who they were and what the scenario between them was. Not bad. The point is to remember the importance of those non-verbal clues — gestures, movements, even where characters stand in relation to one another — in creating character.

Is some of this the actor’s job, or the director’s? Yes. But having some sense of these things as the playwright is important as well. You have comparatively little time to establish character onstage; any effective shortcut can help.

Keep this in mind for Wednesday’s assignment. Remember that your goal is to get us invested in your characters: not “invested,” meaning “making us like them,” necessarily, but “invested,” meaning, “making us have some reason to care about what happens to them.”

Also please remember to type these out — I want to make copies for next Friday’s class.


7th Grade: Spelling quiz. Assembling newspapers. Watching “The Four of Us Are Dying.”

Survey: Screenwriting: REMEMBER: You will have Survey CNF on Monday and Screenwriting on Tuesday. That means your questions for Mrs. Serra are due MONDAY, MARCH 16.

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