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Tuesday, March 17

March 18, 2015

Spongebob: Our superhero archetype project was, I thought, a rousing success. Nice job creating personas and identifying archetypes!

Hitchcock: Today we started watching Rope. We got up to 1 hour in; many people were absent today and I need you to put in your best efforts to get this watched by Thursday so we can stay on track. The film is VERY easy to find online – it’s not on YouTube, but if you type in the title of the film to Google plus “online,” “streaming,” or “putlocker,” it will come right up.

For now, keep your notes generalized to everything we have talked about so far. On Thursday I’ll be asking you to switch gears a little bit.

The Siren: Work on April edition.

Daily Prompt: Notebooks were checked and we had a reading. The rehearsal for the reading will be this block on Thursday, but those of you that remain in class will be doing an in-class activity as usual. Those who need to practice and miss the activity will have to make up the entry with a “your choice.”

7th Grade:

Survey: Screenwriting: Today we had screenwriting instead of CNF. Your silent screenplays were due today.

First, I asked you to look at your screenplays for the following issues. If you have done any of the things below, mark them on your copy, as these are things that need to be fixed immediately:

– Did you accidentally reference the camera? WRONG

– Did you indent anything? WRONG

– Did you double space your text? WRONG

– Did you write in 1st person? WRONG

– Do you have a lot of phrases like: “Sarah is running…” “The cat is meowing…” “Bob is swimming…”? IMPROVE: “Sarah runs,” “The cat meows,” “Bob swims”

– Do you have your scene headings properly formatted? CORRECT

– Do you introduce your characters? CORRECT

Fix any issues that you’ve marked and revise. Your screenplays are due again tomorrow, repaired and revised.

For the rest of class, we did an in-class scene writing activity – with dialogue! If you were absent, you get a pass on this. We’ll continue talking about writing dialogue tomorrow.

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